Tuesday, 18 July 2017

[Follow-up] Today's Lesson

Today's lesson focused on 'understanding' the relationship between a given equation and the graph through the blog activities (below).

What's new today? 
Sketching of Graphs
We only went through p23 very quickly.

To attempt Class Work 1 (Tier B) - and post your answers (b) & (c) in Google Classroom - to be completed by Wednesday (19 July 2017)
1. Watch the two video clips in the next post 
2. Look out for the steps to find the information (i.e. the x and y-intercepts) that would enable us to sketch a graph.
3. Then attempt (b) and (c)

Homework - to be submitted on Thursday (20 July 2017)
Assignment 9.5

Study Notes (p25) Graph Sketching - How to do it systematically...

Demonstration on Part (a) y = 2x + 3

Demonstration on Part (d) 0.5x - y = 2.5

Riddles! Riddles! Riddles!


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"Knowing" the LINES better


Differentiating the right from the wrong.... But What's Wrong?

1. Examine the 3 workings and identify which is the correct working. 
2. Are you able to tell what goes wrong in each of the two other working.

Gradient - Understanding the Formula